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Vitrum Pure 2-1mm White


Harmless and eco-friendly processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure. Particle size 2-1mm. White color.

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Product Description

Harmless and eco-friendly glass gravel Vitrum Pure. Made from recycled glass that does not leave environmental footprint. Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure has many applications in different industry branches, household or as decoration.

May contain metals, paper, plastic and other contamination up to 1% of volume.

Particle size: 2-1mm

Color: white




Eco friendly



All of our products are harmless, safe for people and the environment and 100% recycled. By using our products you are helping the environment.

According to tests administered by Building Testing and Research Institute in Bratislava, this product meets the requirements EN 1342:2002 + A1:2007

Additional Information


5kg, 10kg, 25kg


Abrasive metal blasting


Abrasive glass has a lower specific weight than other abrasives. It has subangular particle structure, which means that every single particle is suitable for sanding material. Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure is suitable for cleaning and matting of stainless steel and aluminum. Vitrum Pure produces less dust and leaves no oily residue after blasting.

Amorphous quartz does not cause silicosis. It does not contain heavy metals and it is eco-friendly and fully recyclable.

Roof tiles additive


Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure is suitable roof tiles. This creates an attractive decorative effect and provides thermal insulation layer which protects roof tiles during freezing period.

Glass gravel particles also add reflective element to your roof.

Oil absorbent


Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure can be used as an oil absorbent. It bounds with the oil and separates the spill from the rest of the fluid and surface.

Pool filtration


Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure is high quality amorphous silica. It is specially refined and has significantly improved filtration abilities. Lifespan up to five years.

Filter glass gravel is suitable for removing positive ions such as iron and magnesium. The result is crystal-clear water while reducing amount of disinfectants. The angular shape of individual particles reduces water fog up to 30 %.



Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure has wide use in the garden mulch, road and paths building or ponds and decorative fountains. Vitrum Pure will give your garden modern look and vitalize your flowerbeds, fountains or ponds. It is also used as a decorative element in architecture and gardening.


We recommend using Vitrum Pure for hydroponic growing due to its minimal carbon impurities. It does not release any carbon particles that can result in various fungal infections. Glass gravel Vitrum Pure is environmentally friendly material, which can be used multiple times after simple washing.




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