Processed Glass gravel Vitrum Pure

Safe, harmless and eco-friendly recycled glass gravel Vitrum. Our products are made from 100% recycled glass. They do not leave any environmental footprint throughout production or by using. Processed glass gravel has many applications in household and industry, architecture or decoration.

Glass gravel loses it’s sharpness in the pulverizing process and it becomes safe and harmless for people and the environment.




Non flammable

Vitrum Pure Products

Processed glass gravel of different color and particle sizes

Usage and application

Glass gravel particle size indicates product application and usage. Our recycled and processed glass gravel can be divided into four particle sizes. Each size finds its place in different household and industry applications.


Grain size 8-12 4-8 2-4 1-2
Abrasive Cleaning
Water Filtration
Drainage and Fill Aggregate
Pool Filtration
Litter Tray Fill for Pets
Aquarium and Terrarium Sand


Grain size 8-12  4-8  2-4  1-2
Concrete Blocks
Concrete Additive
Shipyard and Military
Bridges and Industrial Steel
Automotive Industry
Abrasive Cleaning
Filtration systems
Sewage water cleaning
Drinking water filtration
Oil adsorbent
Countertops and Tiles
Bricks and Pavers
Reflective Coatings
Color and Coating Additive
Roof Tiles Additive
Fiberglass Production
Glass Package Production
Asphalt Additive
Cement Replacement
Minerals and Filling Agents
Metal Abrasive Cleaning

According to tests administered by Building Testing and Research Institute in Bratislava, this product meets the requirements EN 1342:2002 + A1:2007

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