Garden and Landscape Mulching

Processed glass gravel Vitrum Pure has an excellent use as mulching product for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits. It increases the efficiency, quality and accelerates plant ripening. It utilizes the reflection of light that reaches to the bottom part of the leaves or fruit after application.

It protects the soil from drying out and creates optimal microclimate for plant roots. Significantly reduces seed germination and growth of weeds and also serves as an ecological agent against slugs and snails.

The big advantage compared to conventional products such as bark mulch is its durability, because it never disappears and doesn’t need to be replaced.

Package Price Availability
5kg 0,99€/kg Available in store
10kg 0,89€/kg Available in store
25kg 0,79€/kg Available in store
from 100kg 0,69€/kg Request a quote
from 1000kg ———- Request a quote

All of our products are harmless, safe for people and the environment and 100% recycled. By using our products you are helping the environment.




Non flammable

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